The three reasons why employees underperform

What an ongoing struggle it is to get employees to perform. This topic always seem to be about getting our employees to step up and do great work, but what are the fundamental reasons that individuals and teams don’t perform as we want them to? Employees feel incapable. Employees who are incapable have core abilities that do […]

10 communication mistakes you might make

As a manager you know you cannot be a success unless you can engage and enable people. Here are some common communication mistakes that you may wish to reflect on and may be to avoid. Thinking because you have said it, it will be done. Many senior managers believe that because they have said something […]

More than a third of employees plan to change jobs in 2015

Opportunity for progression top priority for UK workers, survey reveals With 37 per cent of UK workers planning to leave their current job in 2015, a survey from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) has revealed a dramatic increase in potential employee turnover from 2014. One fifth (19 per cent) of employees planned to […]

7 Must Have Tools: What’s Inside Your Leadership Tool Box?

7 tools that you can deploy as you: 1. Deal with Difficult People – Knowing the best techniques and skills to address difficult situations. For example, it’s important to recognize the difference between a team member’s apparent arrogance and their real insecurity about performing a task. It is a true leadership art to know when […]

For Leaders there are two sides to trust

There are two sides to trust: the first is outward-looking and grows from one’s past experiences with a particular person; the second is in-ward looking and come’s from one’s own history, particularly from childhood experiences. The level of trust any person feels is fed by both of these sources. You have control over the outward […]

The 10 reasons why you may lose a great employee

If you’re a good (or even just halfway decent) manager or leader then you probably already know most of this, but it is worthwhile to remind ourselves of them now and again. Enough with the preliminaries; here’s a great list – what would you add or remove to this? 1. Be dishonest. Yes, number 1 […]

9 Marvellous Qualities of People We Genuinely Love to Work With

People don’t do anything worthwhile on their own: launch a business, run a company, or build a successful career. So we don’t just want great people to work with us. We need great people to work with us. That is the only way to achieve real and lasting success. (Plus it’s a lot more fun.) Since it’s often […]

Employee engagement can take many forms

The way employee engagement operates can take many forms – that is one of the most fascinating aspects of the topic – and the best models are those which have been custom-developed for the institution. As everyone knows, John Lewis Partnership is a company owned by its employees – but the company is clear that […]

When is a complaint a complaint

When is a complaint a complaint, valuable feedback or indeed both? What is effective complaint management in a low margin environment? As businesses becomes more successful, there is a greater expectation from your customer base and when things don’t go to plan customers are far more likely to complain than in the past and quite […]

10 stories of unforgettable customer service

Why are we as consumers so captivated by stories of great customer service? Perhaps it is because they serve as a much needed reminder that there are companies (and amazing support reps) who still care about their customers. Every company says that their customers are their #1 priority, but stories show us that many businesses […]