Seven signs of employee disengagement

1. Absenteeism Direct reports arriving later, leaving earlier, and/or taking longer lunches than usual, and higher levels of absenteeism and/or sick days is a sure sign of disengagement. They are less interested in their role at work than the simple pleasures of having time off. There is no real sense of purpose to their role […]

Ten reasons people resist change

Leadership is about change, but what is a leader to do when faced with ubiquitous resistance? Resistance to change manifests itself in many ways, from foot-dragging and inertia to petty sabotage to outright rebellions. The best tool for leaders of change is to understand the predictable, universal sources of resistance in each situation and then […]

Isn’t performance management about driving relentlessly for results

Isn’t performance management about driving relentlessly for results while engagement strives to humanise that and keep employees motivated? It is true that engagement and performance can be seen as standalone programs, but if we take a moment to look at them together we can see how naturally good performance management can create engagement. This research […]

Management skills boost needed to ‘future-proof’ UK PLC

Many managers lack the expertise needed to steer their organisations to future success, according to research from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) The survey of 750 of the UK’s top leaders revealed where managers will need to excel by the end of the decade if the UK economy is to grow and compete internationally. Respondents […]

The 10 characteristics most common amongst real leaders

1. Leaders begin with a determination to finish and to finish well I am yet to meet a great leader who achieved their success by accident. Instead, they determined from the very beginning that no matter what happened they would complete the job. They pushed themselves to deliver the very best.   2. A leader’s […]

Leading through change

Over the past 10 years the pace and need for change has been accelerating dramatically. Growth in flexible working, technology and a variety of shifting economic factors have all influenced the way that organisations are working today The big challenge for leaders and managers is in future proofing their skills, and ensuring that they are […]

Coaching Is Key to Engaging Generation Y

Are you struggling to understand, motivate, engage and retain your Generation Y employees? Given the amount of attention being paid to the under-30 members of the work force and the persistent hand-wringing over their supposedly unique needs, qualities and expectations, it is taken for granted that HR and line managers alike need a different set […]

Only a third of employees trust management says CIPD

According to a new report from the CIPD, a lack of trust in the UK’s workplaces poses a potential threat to economic recovery. The research finds that employees who do not trust their senior managers are likely to be less productive and less engaged. With only just over a third (37%) of employees trusting their […]

Here’s a brainwave – unlock, create & motivate

Consider how lifting the lid on the brain can help you rethink the way you train and motivate staff. Yet, we understand less about the inner workings of our brains than we do our calf muscles. Bridging that gap could transform our understanding of the way people work, with a resulting revolution in training, change […]

Selling the benefits of negotiating

Around one in ten people sell for a living. The other 90 per cent are involved in a form of “non-sales selling”. Like it or not, we are all in sales now. If you are trying to get the CEO to invest in a new talent programme, you are selling with a twist. In a […]